Q1. What is the special about your product?

We use 100% natural ingredients without adding any preservatives in all our products and minimal processing is our strategy to prevent nutrient loss and to meet the nutritional requirements of our target customers

Q2.Is Some More Foods is a certified company?

Some More Foods has FSSAI certification and had IE (Import Export) certification and they are currently exporting to US, Qatar, Dubai, Singapore.

Q3. Do you sell quality products?

Some more foods are of best quality and are healthy too.

Q4. How can I become your partner?

Interested people can send mail to [email protected] or whatsapp at 9965104555

Q5.Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for purchase of more than a ton.

Q6.How is the product made? Where do the materials come from?

Some More millet noodles / pasta /sevai are made with whole wheat flour and Millet flour. These are not oil friend and these are Healthy alternative compared commerciallly available noodles / maida / sevai.We use 100% natural ingredients and our seasoning mix has no added MSG

Gluten Free Millet Cookies are made with millets, cereals and pulses and are processed using natural jaggery. These are free from wheat, gluten, white sugar, baking powder, artificial color or flavour, ammonia, preservatives

Millet bites are coated with Natural Jaggery and are free from artificial color or preservatives. These are not oil fried.Some More Natural Sweetners are free from artificial preservatives and are unrefined

Some More Multigrain porridge mix and First Spoon porridge mixes has no added preservatives including salt or sugar. Minimal processing is our strategy to prevent nutrient loss and to meet the nutritional requirements of target customers

Materials are sourced directly from farmers and quality check is ensured at every step right from procurement till the packaging and despatching.

Q7.Is somemorefoods products are safe?

Somemorefoods products are 100% natural and safe.

Q8.Does millet based food increase weight?

Like other grains, such as wheat or corn, millet is not a low-calorie food. You should eat millet in moderation to help maintain a healthy weight.

Q9.Where are the products prepared?

Products are prepared in facility that meets fssai standard and HACCP standards and we ensure quality check at each stage of production.

Q10.What is the ratio of millet in your products


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