About Us

‘Some More Foods’ was founded by Deepa Muthukumarasamy in 2013.
When she introduced weaning foods to her son, she noticed the market was filled with instant foods that were highly processed which were further loaded with additives and preservatives. There was a huge gap between actual nutrients required by the infants and the nutrients offered by the products in the market. She started making baby foods for her child and she increased product portfolio as the demand of healthy products increased.

‘Some More Foods’ aims to reinstate our traditional food ingredients substantiated with nutrition science and bring it back to present food culture and promote wholesome nutrition.

They have Millet Noodles, Millet Pasta, Millet Sevai (Vermicelli), Millet Bites, Gluten Free Millet Cookies . They also have natural sweeteners like Coconut Sugar, Cane Sugar, Palm Sugar. ‘Some More’ products are a healthy alternative to the current so-called junk foods.

‘Some More ‘ noodles are not oil fried, no added MSG in seasoning mix. They use millet flour and whole wheat flour during processing.
They do not add preservatives in any of their products and minimal processing is the strategy to prevent nutrient loss and to meet the nutritional requirements of consumers.

Currently they have strong presence in Tamilnadu, expanding in other states and export to a few countries like Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain, US.

Team Some More
Mrs.Neela – Head – Operations
Mrs.Narmatha – Head Marketing
Mr.Bala – Head – Tech Team Mr.Prashanth – Head – Strategy Ms.Nikita – Social Media Manager

Founder has created 100+ micro entrepreneurs and helped them to create sustainable business which has created a huge impact during Covid.

She aspires to take her brand global.

Emerging Startup Award


Some More Foods won “Emerging Startup Award” in Idea Fest 2017 competition on 24th June by BEACHANGE Expo at IITM Research Park, Taramani, Chennai. We pitched our award winning concept of identifying the vulnerable sectors like babies, pregnant women, post-partum women, geriatric population whose nutrition needs are especially critical and conveyed our belief in traditional wholesomeness of Indian culture and provide nutrition through Organic foods without adding any additives or preservatives.